2010.04.10. 19:12
The Silicon Field Cluster has been awarded the Accredited Innovation Cluster title.
2010.03.19. 18:25
In Szeged on 18th March 2010, the Cooperation Agreement was signed between Software Innovation Pole Cluster and the Silicon Field Regional IT Cluster.
2010.02.22. 17:56
The conference was held in Debrecen, and during the morning the main program was the handover of Incubation Center for Creative Industries of University of Debrecen. In the afternoon there were many interest presentations on the planned projects of Silicon Field Regional IT Cluster.
2010.01.16. 17:00
Between 11th - 13th November 2009, the members of Silicon Field Cluster participated in a study trip in Brussels, from where the participants have returned home with valuable experience.
2010.01.15. 21:47
Opening Conference of the Silicon Field Cluster project was held in the main building of University of Debrecen on 22th September.
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