About us

The main objective of the Silicon Field Cluster is to create an IT complex – relying on the material and intellectual resources of the Észak-Alföld region – where the full innovation process can take place, starting from the emergence of ideas to the production and the support of sales.

The newly emerging IT center will allow to unite the separately existing knowledge in the academic and business spheres. Furthermore, it will enable the commercial utilization of the emerging synergies in order to increase employment rate at regional level, to generate higher incomes and last but
not least, to ensure the long-term sustainable competiteveness of the region.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Cluster itself does not fund directly, but it can help you to find resources. Our Cluster, as a consurtium partner, helps you to apply for tenders.

A Cluster is a professional community that helps to make an organization more efficient. The Cluster membership is recommended for organizations and organisms who plan to develop and have a more efficient operation.

You can join our Cluster as a Joining Member or a Supporting Member. The first step to joining us is to contact our staff and then fill the declaration of intent out. The General Meeting decides on the admission of members.

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